Wheel Powder Coating

Wheel Powder CoatingIf you are thinking of giving your alloy a makeover, have you considered wheel powder coating? If not, read on, as we will highlight the benefits of powder coated wheels and explain why it is one of the best options available to you.


What is alloy wheel powder coating?

Red Box specialises in powder coating a wide range of metal components at our Southampton factory up to 4.5m x 1.7m in size. This involves applying dry coloured powder to the surface of the metal – in this instance alloy wheels – before placing the items in an oven for them to be heated and cured. This results in the metal being extremely durable and weather proof, whilst your alloy wheels would benefit from having a perfectly smooth finish.

Not just that though, wheel powder coating can also see your alloys being given a fresh colourful look, with an extensive range of metal powder colours being available to choose from. In fact, as we can also mix different colours together, your alloys can boast some great colourful effects.

The whole wheel powder coating process is hugely efficient and cost-effective, meaning that it is a great way to improve the look of your metal items for a limited cost.

Powder finishes are also better for the environment due to them releasing fewer VOCs into the atmosphere, whilst they do not contain the same solvents as liquid paint, making this the number one choice when it comes to enhancing the look of alloy wheels.

Although based in Southampton, our services are available to customers in all nearby areas, including Totton, Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Andover, Fareham, Waterlooville, Romsey, Chilworth, Netley, and throughout the UK.

Please contact the Red Box Paint and Powder team today on 02380 254285 with your wheel powder coating requirements.


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