Wet Spray Paint

Wet Spray Paint

The Red Box team is pleased to provide a first class wet spray paint service that enables us to paint a wide variety of materials to the highest possible standard at our Southampton based factory, or on-site.

The wet spray system allows us to work on much larger objects and where necessary we can apply a much thinner coat then that of powder. Wet spray also allows us to spray a much more diverse array of materials. Our mobile spray systems also allow us to spray items on site.

Why Wet Spray Paint? – Ideal for renovation projects, light fittings and more, wet paint provides an excellent finish every time. Further to this, jobs that require complicated masking or two separate colours on one component is also achievable. Also, unlike powder coating, wet spray paint is ideal for much larger jobs as the Red Box team is able to apply a thinner coat and also spray a far greater volume of materials.

As with powder coating, there is a large selection of colours available for the wet spray paint process, and you can select your required colours and send it to us along with the description of the item to be painted.

Why Red Box? – Since establishing in 1993, Red Box have become known for providing a service high on quality every single time. To achieve this within our wet spray paint service, the team was sent over to the USA for extensive training on specialist technics, ensuring that your projects are completed to the very highest level.

Although based in Southampton, Red Box Paint and Powder offer our services throughout the UK.

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