All Red Everything!

The Red Box Paint and Powder Team were tasked with decorating our newly refurbished Tool Shop, so we did the only way we know how… by powder coating everything red!

Once we had received the shelving and the Red Box Engineering had made up the signage metalwork and some storage trays for additional stock to be held, the Team got to work by getting each piece required washed in our wash bay to remove any oil and grease. After a quick stint in the oven to dry off, every panel, shelf, railing, sign and tray was powder coated in-house, once there was enough to fill the oven to complete the bonding process. After repeating the process a NUMBER of times, the team just had to get it all assembled ready for the opening.

Need anything powder coated? Red Box Paint and Powder specialise in red of course but we can offer a number of different colours and shades. Give our Sales Team a call today on +44 (0)2380 254285 or contact us via email at


Powder Coated Tool Shop Powder Coated Tool Shop Powder Coated Tool Shop at Red Box Tools