Handrails Manufactured for Roath Construction

Handrails Manufactured for Roath ConstructionThe Engineering team were hard at work last week, manufacturing several custom-made handrails for Roath Construction which are due to be fitted in a block of flats in Southampton later this week.

The process began with the team visiting on-site to assess and once all of the measurements were collected, our skilled design team began working on producing the individual drawings whilst following the customer’s specifications. Once the designs had been approved, the team proceeded through a number of fabrication processes such as cutting and welding the metalwork to make something that looks like the image shown on the right.

The parts were then transferred over to our wash bay, to ensure that grease and any other dirt are removed before we began powder coating. After being in the oven for a short stint to dry, the parts were moved into the powder coating booth for application and then back into the oven to be ‘cooked’ (as we like to put it).

Here’s some we made earlier:

Handrails Manufactured for Roath Construction Handrails Manufactured for Roath Construction


Do you have any work you need powder coated? If so, please feel free to contact us via our website today.

Also, please stay tuned as we’ll update this section as soon as the panels have been fitted!