The Benefits of Metal Powder Coating

The Benefits of Metal Powder CoatingPowder coating is a popular method of applying a decorative and protective finish to almost all types of metal that is suitable to be used by consumers and industry. Once the process has been completed, the result is high quality, durable and attractive, making it one of the most popular finishes currently available.


The main benefits:

Cost-Efficient: The process cuts down on waste when compared to other methods, which will help to save money in the long-term.

Highly Durable: Metal surfaces coated in powder are far more resistant to chipping, fading, scratching and general wear than the vast majority of other finishes available. This means that the colours used within the powder coating process remain bright for far longer, making the process one of the most efficient and effective metal finishes available.

Low Toxicity: The powders during within the coating process do not contain solvent, which means that there is a vast difference in the amount of nose, mouth and throat irritation suffered by the individual carrying out the task. Another benefit is that the powder can easily be washed off the skin with warm water and is unlikely to cause any skin irritation to the user.

More Environmentally Friendly: Not only does powder coating provide a fantastic finish, but it is also far better on the environment when compared to liquid paints due to the latter containing solvents that pollute volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). By contrast, the powder used within the coating process does not contain any solvents at all, whilst only a very small volume of VOC’s, if any, are released into the atmosphere meaning there is no need to buy and maintain equipment for pollution control.

Variety of Colours and Finishes: During the process, metal can be coated in a huge variety of colours and finishes.


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