The Benefits of Wet Spray Painting

Wet Spray PaintWhat Does it Involve?

This is the process of applying liquid paint to an item for finishing. Before the painting process can begin though, it is essential that the item is fully cleaned and prepared as this will result in a far higher quality of finish being applied. To prepare, we advise filling, sanding and removing any existing coating that may have been previously applied. Once done, the wet spray paint process can begin, which results in the paint being sprayed onto the item before it needs to be left to dry for the required period of time.


What are the Benefits of Wet Spray Painting?

  1. The process is quick, efficient and cost-effective, meaning that it is perfect even for those with tight budgets.
  2. Large surfaces can easily be covered, along with heavy, bulky and large objects that are not suitable for powder coating.
  3. The finish provided is extremely high in quality and enables us to achieve a number of gloss levels and textures. This leads to a fantastic looking finish that hugely pleases customers.
  4. A vast number of colours are available during the wet spray painting process, as we are able to create unique colours by mixing a paints together. The possibilities truly are endless!
  5. The process is ideal when it comes to items that cannot be heated, as objects that have been wet spray painted can be baked or left to air dry.
  6. A variety of materials are ideal for wet spray painting from metals and plastic to wood and much more in-between.
  7. The process is ideal for much larger jobs as the Red Box team is able to apply a thinner coat and also spray a far greater volume of materials when compared to the powder coating process, although this has some great benefits itself.


The above are just some of the main benefits of the wet spray painting process.

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